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You Mean Business

From the moment you discover the Peugeot work van range, you will understand that these are no ordinary vans but commercial vehicles designed for your business and also for the people who will drive them. Vehicles built by professionals, for professionals.

When you choose a Peugeot van, you’re choosing more than a simple van. You’re buying a vision, Peugeot’s vision, created to satisfy your specific requirements and meet all of your expectations: a vision of a totally original vehicle, designed to work for your business as well as your drivers. This is based on real, practical benefits that will help you get the most out of your investment: carrying capacity, flexibility, driving pleasure, style and low running costs.

The Peugeot range of work vans offer practical solutions such as rear barn doors and sliding side doors, with handy options for payload and capacity, depending on your business needs.

Discover our range; the Partner van and Expert van.

peugeot partner small work van


It says as much about you as your business card.

  • 5 speed manual transmission
  • 3 person multi-flex seat
  • 1.6L turbo HDi diesel
  • Bluetooth™ + USB
  • Useable length 3.25m
  • Loadspace 3.7m3 | 750kg payload
  • Rear barn doors
  • Double sliding doors
  • 66kW and 158Nm
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peugeot expert work van


A better way of doing business.

  • 6 speed automatic & manual transmissions
  • 3 person bench seat
  • 2L turbo HDi diesel
  • Bluetooth™ + USB
  • Loadspace 6m3 | 1,200kg payload
  • Rear barn doors
  • Double sliding doors
  • 120kW & 340Nm
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