Hydrogen in production at PEUGEOT

Pushing ever further its requirement to drastically reduce the local emissions of its vehicles, PEUGEOT is becoming one of the very first manufacturers to offer series production, from 2021, in the compact utility van segment an electric version powered by a hydrogen fuel cellnot available in NZ , consisting of:

  • A fuel cell producing the electricity needed to propel the vehicle thanks to the hydrogen on board the tank
  • A rechargeable lithium-ion high-voltage battery, with a capacity of 10.5 kWh rechargeable from the electrical network, which also powers the electric motor in certain driving phases 


Hydrogen fuel cell technology is the response to the ever more numerous and complex needs and uses of professionals, guaranteeing greater freedom in the exercise of their activities. This technology offers:

  • Greater range, crucial given that the vast majority of compact vans operate in semi-urban areas and densely populated city centers, where the demand for zero-emission solutions is becoming increasingly strong
  • The full preservation of one of the essential functions of light commercial vehicles: the transport of bulky and heavy objects
  • Unprecedented logistical flexibility and optimization of use

The so-called “mid-power plug-in hydrogen fuel cell electric” solution combines the advantages of hydrogen, battery technology and electric traction.

The hydrogen contained in the tank powers the fuel cell, which produces the electricity needed to propel the vehicle over long distances, while the high-voltage battery provides, among other things, the power needed to guarantee dynamic performance. The entire system is integrated into the vehicle in such a way that it imposed no compromise in terms of volume or payload.

Hydrogen is now becoming a major pillar of the energy transition with the announcement of numerous international projects. In Europe in particular, the ecosystem is developing and the investments of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance are estimated at around €60 billion to promote this solution. The number of hydrogen stations in Europe is constantly growing and the PEUGEOT brand is working directly with energy suppliers to offer packaged offers.