Our Electric Cars


Get on board with zero-emission driving with a PEUGEOT electric vehicle.

Our range of new electric cars can meet all of your requirements: ultra-compact city car, compact SUV, functional light commercial vehicle.

PEUGEOT 100% EVs (electric vehicles) marry innovative design with outstanding environmental performance and cutting-edge technology.


New PEUGEOT e-208

Up to 383 km WLTP range


With its striking and modern lines, our city car will adapt to all your journeys. Discover the new 3D i-Cockpit® which offers you a new immersive driving sensation.  


New PEUGEOT e-2008

Up to 372 km WLTP range


With a design that underlines its power and sporty nature, as well as the 3D i-Cockpit®, enjoy the unexpected sensations of the new, fuel-free way of travelling with our compact SUV.  


PEUGEOT e-Partner

Up to 245 km WLTP range

Tried and tested for over 20 years by business users with a quality that makes it a benchmark on the market, Partner now available with a 100% electric motor. 

PEUGEOT e-Expert

Up to 339 km WLTP range

The PEUGEOT e-Expert 100% electric van with its numerous advantages will be your most valuable employee. 
The new CMP (Common Modular Platform) modular platform has been developed to perfectly integrate the components specific to each type of energy, without compromising on the performance of the PEUGEOT e-208 and e-2008.
The EMP2 (Efficient Modular Platform) multi-energy modular platform has been adapted to integrate components specific to electric motorization, without compromising on the performance of the PEUGEOT e-Partner.



PEUGEOT’s electric engines offer zero-emissions whilst driving, smooth and quiet driving as well as high-quality road performance.

The permanent magnet electric motor offers a maximum output of 100 kW / 110 hp and 260 Nm of torque for optimum driving pleasure.


The high-voltage lithium-ion battery (400 V) is the on-board electrical energy storage device. It is located under the floor, which preserves space on board and cargo volume. The battery has a capacity of 50 kWh and a maximum output of 100 kW for a range of up to 383 km WLTP in the e-208.

Thermal regulation combined with fluid circulation and a heat pump allows for ultra-fast recharging, optimised driving range and longer life.

For your peace of mind, the battery has an 8-year or 160,000 km warranty for 70% of its charge capacity.

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The driving range of PEUGEOT electric cars allows you to travel up to 383 km WLTPwith an e-208. Find out more about driving an electric vehicle:
Combine home charging and public charging to make your daily life easier: take advantage of a growing network of charging stations in NZ.