The high-tech secrets of the new PEUGEOT 308 emblem

May 20 2022

5 minute read

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A lion's head. That's what the new PEUGEOT emblem unveiled in 2021 proudly bears, and the new 308 is the first car to do so. But look closely: the grille of this 308 is of exceptional aesthetic purity. And that's thanks to the secrets of this emblem, which combines radical design with cutting-edge technology.

Did you know? The emblem is made of a revolutionary material!


The new PEUGEOT coat of arms is manufactured using a totally innovative process. Why? Because, to prevent the radar with which it is equipped from spoiling the front of the 308, the PEUGEOT designers decided to hide it behind the badge. And as the radar is intended to capture the information that feeds the driving assistance systems, and as this information must be perfectly reliable to play its role in the car's active safety, a way had to be found to allow the waves to pass through the emblem without being altered.
This new-generation emblem therefore receives a thin layer of a rare superconducting metal: indium. The technological properties of indium make the emblem permeable to radar waves, while at the same time providing it with a magnificent protective shell.
In addition to indium, we find polycarbonate injected on the front side, black painting, a protective coating as well as laser scraping, and a special fixing element specially designed for the 308 grille.

It's infinitely more elegant than the visible radar modules that disfigure the front of so many other cars!
The coat of arms, design side
Sublimating the new PEUGEOT emblem, the brand designers included it in a specially designed grille. Composed of a myriad of chrome elements, the grille drawing, and pattern converge towards the coat of arms at the centre of the grille. The number plate has been moved to the lower part of the front bumper to assert the expressiveness of the design while the driver assistance radar disappears behind the coat of arms.

Pierre-Paul MATTEI, PEUGEOT Design Manager, explains in our video that beyond the new PEUGEOT emblem, the new 308 style has been designed around 3 pillars.
The quality upgrading
The vehicle’s morphology, with its longer bonnet and its 10 cm set back windscreen, gives it an elegant and distinguished line.
The efficiency
The highly studied aerodynamism enables maximum efficiency that perfectly fits a neat design.
The technology
Latest systems designed for your comfort and security.