November 21, 2022

5 minute read

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Who has never endured the famous "when will we get there?" of children who are running out of patience while you are stuck in an endless traffic jam? Sometimes, no matter how fast you leave so you don't run, there are times when it becomes difficult to keep your cool.

To help you make the most of your time in traffic, here are a few tips to ensure you never get bored again when you're stuck in traffic.
Tip 1: Make new friends
If you're stuck in traffic, relax, forget about the horns and the shouting, take a deep breath and open your window. Look around you and, if your neighbour's window is down, start a conversation! So yes, it's rather unusual, but maybe you'll make friends from all over Europe.
Tip 2: Learn a new language
After all, why not? You're stuck for a very long time and you're bored anyway, so enjoy it! Alone or with others, with the help of an application, learn expressions and vocabulary in a fun way. It's a great way to combine business with pleasure if you've decided to go on holiday to Milan, Barcelona or Lisbon: no more embarrassing moments when the waiter asks you what you want and you can't pronounce what's on the menu...
Tip 3: Train your musical ear
Listening to music in the car may not be very original. However, it remains one of the great classics when you are on the road. It's up to you to use your imagination to avoid getting bored! Blind test, karaoke... Everything is possible to revise your classics or enrich your musical culture. And remember that music softens the mood: if there are tense moments in the car, sing! It will put a smile on everyone's face.
Tip 4: Become unbeatable in the Peugeot range
Become an expert on the Lion brand and train yourself to recognise all the models in the PEUGEOT range, all engines and all years combined. If in less than a second you can recognise the 1914 PEUGEOT L45, which won the Indianapolis 500 in 1916 and sold for more than six million euros in 2017, it's time to take a break from training. Why? Firstly, because you're obviously on point and secondly, you're obviously tired enough to see an L45 on the street...
Tip 5: Identify number plates
We've all played it at one time or another: a double car and the first to guess which country or department the number at the end of the plate refers to wins. Without looking like it, everyone takes the opportunity to revise their geography! To spice things up, you can imagine variations such as: the one who finds the least in one hour pays for the restaurant, etc.
Tip 6: Do meditation
Do you suffer from traffic jams every morning? Good news! Practice your breathing exercises, experiment with mindful driving. Learn how to empty your mind of all invasive and harmful thoughts so that you can arrive at your workplace relaxed and leave (almost) zen and serene. Don't hesitate to use audio applications to guide you in your meditation.
Tip 7: Listen to podcasts
Thanks to the numerous listening platforms, everyone can find a podcast to suit their taste: are you a food fan or do you like to be told stories? Do you like to be told how to put away your T-shirts or do you like to hear science explained to you? From now on, when you get out of your car, you'll fly to the coffee machine to slip a "did you know that ducks are actually worse than dolphins?" to your colleagues.
Tip 8: Strengthen your abs
Difficult to do squats or lift weights while driving (we've tried for you, we don't recommend it), but a bit of weight training to strengthen the parts of your body that really matter does. Your biceps may be a bit flabby, but your chocolate bars will be the envy of the beach next summer.
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