September 1, 2022


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You've reached that crucial moment of the year: the start of Spring! After spending the winter filling out personality tests in every magazine you could get your hands on, it's time to turn the page and get back into a more studious mood.

To close this indoor period, we offer you one last test: Which PEUGEOT are you? To help you refine your best PEUGEOT profile, arm yourself with a simple pen and answer (without cheating!) the questions in this quiz.
1. What was the Peugeot of your childhood? 

A.      The 406

B.      The 205

C.      The 305

D.      The 504 

2. You never go out without:

A.      Your best friends

B.      The whole family

C.      Your perfume and your Airpods

D.      Your three-piece suit and business cards

3. What is your favourite car movie? 

A.      Cars

B.      The Love Bug

C.      Back To The Future

D.      Gran Torino

4. What is the most important criterion when buying a car?  

A.      Adaptability to urban conditions

B.      Available storage space

C.      The list of options and the driving experience

D.      The size, aesthetics and performance of the car

5. What is it like at home? 

A.      Comfortable and friendly to welcome all your friends  

B.      Functional and lively! You try not to let toys take over the whole house

C.      Passionate about decoration, you always choose the best neighbourhood

D.      Everything is tidy, nothing sticks out: everything in its place

6. What does your breakfast consist of? 

A.      A bowl of cereal with a glass of orange juice

B.      You never have time for breakfast

C.      Avocado Toast for your Sunday brunch

D.      Toast, marmalade, and Earl Grey tea

7. What is your favourite playlist when you drive? 

A.      The best music for dancing

B.      The compilation of the best nursery rhymes of the year

C.      The Best of the 90s

D.      Culture podcasts and classical music

8. What is the ideal weekend for you? 

A.      You love to party!

B.      Family outings and activities

C.      Rest and at night, dinner with some friends

D.      Sports activities and garden maintenance

You have a majority of As: You are the 208!
Freedom and mobility are your watchwords. The PEUGEOT 208 is the pretty little city car that fits you like a glove. Like you, it is in tune with the times. Versatile, comfortable and efficient, it is ideal for getting around town easily. Easy to park, it's never far from you, so you can go anywhere, anytime.
You have a majority of Bs: You are the 2008 SUV!
At home, it's always a bit hectic! Between your family life and your professional life, you hardly have time to breathe. What you need is a spacious, comfortable and efficient car, but not at the expense of aesthetics. Relax, everything is under control at the wheel of the PEUGEOT 2008!
You have a majority of Cs: You are the 308!
If you had to sum up your ideal car in three words, you would say: modernity, comfort and style. This is exactly what characterises the PEUGEOT 308. Well settled in life, you need a car that follows you in all your desires and that offers you unparalleled driving comfort. What's more, you're not averse to a certain standing: style is important!
You have a majority of Ds: You are the 508!
The PEUGEOT 508 is the lioness of the range! Elegant and dynamic, it has quite a personality, just like you! You will be seduced by its sleek lines, its reliability and its comfort. Its performance will live up to your expectations: the 508 is really made for you...
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