September 1, 2022

4 minute read

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To kick off this series, France's favourite rugby player, Antoine Dupont, twice elected "best player of the Six Nations Tournament" and PEUGEOT ambassador, willingly agreed to be interviewed.
At only 25 years old, you already hold many titles and awards. What is your recipe for success?
The main reason for my success is the teams I play for. I am lucky to be in a big club and to be part of a very successful generation in the French national team. Even if it is my nature to challenge myself all the time, it also pushes me up as an individual because the expectations are very high.
What values do you think you share with a car brand like PEUGEOT?
I like the values of boldness, authenticity, respect and commitment at PEUGEOT. I think these are values I aspire to both in rugby and in my personal life.
You are already familiar with PEUGEOT which has been a partner of the Stade Toulousain for 25 years (your age!). What does the Lion Brand mean to you?
I have always known PEUGEOT as a partner of the Stade Toulousain. Moreover, I liked rugby so much at a young age that it is quite possible that I connected with the brand through this means before the cars themselves. In any case, for me it is the brand partner of the Stade, the club whose jersey I wore when I was just old enough to walk and hold a ball. I find the new logo very successful, very graphic and dynamic.
You are now a test driver for the PEUGEOT electrified range. By taking on this role, you become an ambassador for the energy transition.
It's a cause close to my heart: I grew up at the foot of the Pyrenees so environmental protection and ecological transition are important to me. I'm very happy to test the electrified models and to give feedback to the brand. It's a great experience as a driver in the first place but also to make a modest contribution to the progress towards a more responsible mobility.
How important is environmental protection in your daily life?
I try to pay attention to the small everyday gestures that make a difference, for my food, my travel, my waste. These are now virtuous habits: small streams make big rivers.
You are driving the 3008 Plug-in Hybrid. What were your first impressions when you got behind the wheel?
I really like the design, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, because you see a lot of them on the roads. I also particularly like the combination of well-being and safety.
What is your favourite model in the current range? Are you interested in motor sport?
My favourite car is the 9X8. As a top sportsman, I can't wait to see it in action, and to discover its performance in competition. In any case, the design is incredible! I am very sensitive to innovation in general and I think this one is a total success.
What are your next big sporting events?
The resumption of the TOP 14 in a few weeks' time, to set out again to conquer the Brennus.
What can we wish you for the next few months?
Health, and titles with the Stade Toulousain and the XV de France!
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