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July 11, 2022

3 minute read

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Diary of a city dweller in summer: between sun and freedom

Thursday 21 June

At last, it's officially summer! And the weather is just perfect. But hey, holidays are not for now. Today, we have a busy schedule ahead: 


  • 9 am: I take the 308 SW to drop the kid off at the nursery (without forgetting his cuddly toy, as yesterday we barely avoided a disaster!). I'm going to give him the sunroof trick, he loves it! Back home: I take my new Metropolis SW, super practical with everything I must carry, my computer, my files for the meeting and my sports gear for my gym session this evening.


  • 10 am: appointment with my first client. It's at the other end of town but frankly with this sun, my scooter ride will be a real pleasure. 


  • 11 am: back to the office for the meeting with the whole team. I'm going to have to go through the ring road to get there on time. It's true that the traffic is heavy at this time of day, but with my Peugeot Metropolis SW three-wheeler, driving is so safe that it's not a problem. 

  • 1:30 pm: lunch with my partner. We're going to try out this new tapas restaurant in the centre. It's a bit far but I hear it's worth it and as I have a scooter, I can park right next door. Then back to the office. 


  • 6:30 pm: I head to the gym for my workout. I'm going to give it my all because my back hurts a lot less now that I'm using my Metropolis SW, it's so comfortable!


  • 8 pm: Julia joins me in her Peugeot Django 50 T 4 and we go to enjoy the new open air cinema. 

Saturday 23 June

Julia and I decided to go for a romantic weekend in the countryside. My parents are coming to look after the kid and we're going to a charming hotel to take a break. A bag for two, our best flip-flops and 2 or 3 books: we load all this in the Metropolis SW, the weather is perfect, let's chill!

Saturday 1 July

It's time for the big departure! The 308 SW is loaded: surfboard, camping tent, diving equipment, cooler and parasol all fit easily into its large modular boot. The child is securely tied up in the back, the cat is in its carry bag, and we're off: it's time for a holiday!

Monday 3 July  

Let's relax! Moreover, we decided to rent a Django 50 T 4, the same as Julia's. We love it: this little scooter is so nice with its neo vintage 50s look. When the kid takes a nap, we leave him to the grandparents, and we go for long rides on the road along the sea. What a view!

Well, dear diary, I leave you. Julia is waiting for me on the Django: we're going to take advantage of the summer mildness to go and taste the best ice creams around. It seems that the vanilla is crazy and the pistachio, a real killer! At the same time, chocolate-raspberry... or else lemon...  

We'll see, we'll relax: long live the holidays!