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July 11, 2022

3 minute read

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Whether you're a car enthusiast or not, if you think about it, we all have a car-related story. When we took to the road just after getting our driving licence, our first car, or a memorable roadtrip. Fabrice, for example, went so far as to drive a million kilometres in his PEUGEOT 307. We also think of the couple we met recently at Le Mans, who had the numbers of the 905s engraved on their wedding rings in the order of their arrival at the 1993 24 Hours.

What about you? Whether they were synonymous with freedom or escape, whether they were linked to special moments in your life, we would be interested to know about your extraordinary adventures in a PEUGEOT. Can you tell us about them?

Fabrice and his immortal PEUGEOT 307 SW


He bought this car second hand in 2007 with 6,000 kilometres on the clock, and has always maintained it very well. As a matter of fact, only the alternator and the gearbox have been changed, all the other parts are original. And as Fabrice is a grateful person, he decided to go and thank the people who contributed to the making of his vehicle. And to take up the challenge of taking his PEUGEOT a million kilometres. It was therefore with great emotion that the duo were welcomed at the Stellantis factory in Tremery and then at the Sochaux factory on May 28th by the employees who had been working there in 2006.  

999,999 km on the clock for this incredible PEUGEOT 307 SW, which will be going through the brand's laboratories for precious analyses before ending its career, perhaps, in the Peugeot Adventure Museum.

PEUGEOT listens to your extraordinary adventures


Fabrice's incredible epic has caught the attention of the brand. There must indeed be many other fabulous stories surrounding PEUGEOT vehicles. The 205 GTi of your youth that all your friends were jealous of, your crazy trips in a 406 Coupé... your wedding in your parents' 504 Cabriolet... crossing Europe in a 3008... dig into your memories and share the one that touched you on social networks, along with a photo, with the hashtag #PeugeotFan before 31 August. We will publish a selection of 5 stories.