The PEUGEOT brand has chosen to focus on 100% electric and rechargeable hybrid technologies.

We group them together throughout this page under the terminology of "electrified vehicles".

Difference Between Electric and Hybrid

100% electric vehicle

100% electric vehicles like the PEUGEOT e-208, e-2008 SUV, e-Partner and e-Expert consume no fuel and produce no CO2 emissions. All in absolute silence.

The instantaneous engine power of our 100% electric models offers incomparable performance and driving pleasure.

The electric car is also more economical to maintain with less frequent visits to service centres and less wear on certain parts.

Their high-capacity lithium-ion Polymer battery allows a range of between 245 and 382 km WLTP, depending on the model.​ 
Plug-in hybrid vehicle
A plug-in hybrid electric vehiclePHEV: Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, like the PEUGEOT 308, offers you the best of both worlds. Electric when you want it, petrol when you need it.

Once the range of the electric motor is exhaustedbattery drained, you can connect to a charging stationIn order to drastically reduce fuel consumption, PEUGEOT advises you to charge your battery daily, or simply continue to use the petrol engine.

Compared to a conventional hybrid system, a plug-in hybrid vehicle offers a greater range in all-electric mode (up to 61 km compared with only a few kilometres for a conventional hybrid vehicle). 
Whatever the model, PEUGEOT offers you the choice of energy within its range, with many models offering a petrol or diesel engine and either 100% electric or plug-in hybrid option.

Electric is ...

Driving without CO2 emissions in a peaceful silence.

Rediscover the pleasure of driving thanks to the immediate torque of the electric motor and the absence of vibration.


Get the best of both worlds.

Electric to help kick-start the car with immediate torque or to get to restricted urban areas in 100% electric mode.

The petrol engine to go further in reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissionsPEUGEOT advises you to charge your hybrid car daily in order to benefit as often as possible from the electric mode, to drastically reduce your fuel consumption.